Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Miracles? We got no stinkin’ miracles!


A big nail in God’s coffin are all those miracles attributed to Him and His Son: the plagues of Egypt, the parting of the Red (or Reed) Sea, the destruction of Jericho’s walls, the talking donkey, the water into wine, the Resurrection, et cetera, et cetera.


All the miracles of the Bible (and legend) can be explained in physical terms, strange physical terms perhaps, but explainable.

A miracle - -a real miracle - -would be something like a pyramid hovering a hundred feet in the air, or the total evaporation of the Mediterranean Sea, or the reversal of Jesus’ time-line (whereupon He avoids crucifixion).


Today, a miracle wouldn’t consist of a laying of hands and the fainting of the person upon whom those hands laid; the miracle would take the person back in time to where their frailty wasn’t a problem.

Another miracle – a real miracle – would be for a fully stocked and ready to go McDonald’s to appear, ex nihilo, in the midst of Darfur’s refugee camps.


And a visible, rational symbol or marking, displayed suddenly on the moon, for all Earthians to see, would be miraculous.


Raising a Lazarus from the dead was interesting, if he was truly dead, but Christ showing up now, as he was during His ministry (two thousand years ago), would be amazing – rather miraculous.


God needing men to write down His words doesn’t bode well for an omnipotent Being. A true God would provide His Book fully transcribed, and without grammatical or spelling errors.


(The Bible, the Koran, and the Book of Mormon apparently were not contrived by a true God, if any god at all.)

Changes in physical laws are not possible, and tweaks that seem to alter those laws are quantum artifacts, which are far from miraculous; strange perhaps but not miraculous.

No, we, and no one else, has experienced a true miracle, and that alone should indicate that if a God exists, He’s adept at sleight-of-hand and that’s about it.

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