Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A 1947 Precognition of UFO sightings to come?

This Science Fiction book [Dorrance & Company, Philadelphia, 1947], with a flying saucer-like craft and three entities emerging seems to pre-figure a number of UFO events, some of which we have highlighted here as has Jose Antonio Caravaca at his blog (The Caravaca Files).

Do such images (from book covers, movie posters, advertisings, et cetera) form a sub-text in the collective unconscious, which manifests itself when there is an existential crisis in the body politic or a societal pathoneurosis (caused by other factors)?

That UFO sightings, en masse (generally), might be a result of a techinical imago dei should be addressed, seriously, by UFO buffs.

Such an "investigation" won't resolve all UFO sightings, but it may help explain some notable sightings; i.e., the 1890s airship observations, Roswell, the 1954 European wave, and the late 1950,early 1960 abduction accounts...among others.