Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Again, why cave art, and did other-worldly agents bring it about?

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Secrets of the Ice Age: The World of the Cave Artists by Evan Hadingham [Walker and Company, NY, 1979], pictured above, makes clear that no one knows, for sure, why primitive mankind painted on cave walls or produced stone art.

And some cave art is not representational such as this abstract rendering from Abri Leuillet in the Paris Basin, dating from the Neolithic period:

Page 285

Mr. Hardingham presents the mystery of why art seems to have waned after the Ice Age:

Page 267

The idea that cave art was totemic in nature, or created for magical rituals is wrong, writes Mr. Hadingham.

Of course, there are some totemic drawings, just as there depictions of a sexual nature or hunting scenes.

And the idea that such art stemmed from a leisure, art-for-arts sake has been discounted also.

Why do I persist in presenting the cave art scenarios here?

I think that something happened that encouraged the primitive or aboriginal mind, as was the case on Easter Island; that is, either paranormal, extraterrestrial, or supernatural (an intrusion by divinity) agents instigated or sparked such art, maybe by just being present.

And UFOs or other-worldly beings played a controlling part in this esthetic turn by early mankind, which disappeared for a while to show up at the outset of the Sumerian/Egyptian cultural beginnings.

But if “outside” agents brought on the creativity, why didn’t it continue in an overt form?

Also, there is no and has been no overt esthetic thrusts or evidence of such artistic endeavors by those beings encountered in UFO events of the modern era.

Beings imagined or real, encountered by humans, have been unique in their unesthetic contact.

Was the artistic spark lit long ago and left to geminate on its own?

Did the gods or ET infuse humankind with an artistic DNA factor and then let it fester on its own, and if so, why?

Or is an outside agent needed at all?

What caused early man (and modern man) to draw (or paint)?

Do we need an outside source as an explanation?

Even the Ancient Astronaut theorists are loath to wax enthusiastically about aliens inculcating art among their processes for humanity’s “evolution,” pressing the alleged primitive technological and/or architectural input.

But there’s more here….something not quite right, about early mankind’s sophisticated approach to rendering pictograms when writing and speaking were hardly developed,

And is there a UFO tie-in?