Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Aliens from Dark Earth?

Jay Alfred, in a paper entitled Aliens from Dark Earth: Evolution of Dark Plasma Life Forms on Earth posits that a concomitant Earth formed alongside the Earth we know, and the beings who evolved in this Dark Earth can account for UFOs, and other paranormal experiences.

Jay Alfred's hypothesis is a quirkier verison of Mac Tonnies' Crypto-terrestrial hypothesis.

It's an imaginative hypothesis, just as Tonnies' was, but it's a bit far out for our taste(s).

However, we have some visitors here who will find the ideas in the PDF entrancing we think...

So click here for the PDF

The Ongoing Fusion of Eastern Mysticism and [Quantum] Physics

For those who think that there is a "connection" between Quantum (or even General) Physics and Eastern Philosophical Thought, we suggest a paper for your edification:

Parallels and Paradoxes in Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism: A Critical Reconnaissance by Sal P. Restivo (Social Studies of Science 1978)

Click here for the PDF

N.B. We feel that much in this paper impacts the UFO phenomenon -- a little or a lot.