Monday, July 02, 2007

The Science blogs at Seed magazine’s web-site

Seed Magazine (online at is an erudite periodical covering science, in all of its diversity.


The magazine also hosts invited blogs at its web-site (above), and those blogs are, generally, interesting and often volatile, especially by way of comments they accrue.

(Click on the left side of the web-site, where Bloggers is entitled, to find the panoply of blogs Seed endorses.)

What’s intriguing is that many of the blogs have a sexual ambiance about them, subliminal usually, but blatant more often that one might expect from the presumed stuffy academics who make up the large proportion of bloggers that Seed likes.


Some of the blogs have sexual innuendo that is vulgar, some bloggers are desirous of making contact with like souls, and some Seed bloggers are just exhibitionists.

But the blogs posts are always vibrant, and edifying; the comments even more so.

Here are some of our favorite Seed blogs - -we haven’t scoured all of them yet:

Thoughts From Kansas

A Blog Around the Clock

Chaotic Utopia

Developing Intelligence

The Daily Transcript

The Loom

Adventures in Ethics and Science




Page 3.14

Good Math, Bad Math

Dr. Joan Bushwell's Chimpanzee Refuge

Respectful Insolence

Stranger Fruit

Dynamics of Cats


So if you’re intellectually inclined, want to broaden your science outlook and/or acumen, or just want to indulge in sly sex (occasionally!), check out the bloggers at

You’ll come away smarter than you are now, and orgasmicly fulfilled perhaps.