Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where’s Waldo? (Or how science escapes INTO reality)


The CERN particle accelerator is poised to allow physicists (and other scientists) to probe the most fundamental building blocks of nature, the absolute infinitesimal reality of quantum particles.


To what purpose however?

When biochemists and medial researchers dig into DNA and genetic structure, they do so with the intent of discovering what malformations cause cancers and other diseases that plague humankind.


Their means goes to a beneficial end.

But particle physicists? What do they get with their inordinate curiosity about the structure of elemental particles?


That is, when all is said and done, how is mankind, civilization, advanced or helped by their potential discernment of the bases for reality?

One science gets beneath gluons and subterranean quarks, what does that do, in practical way, to further evolution?


The monies being spent to get the CERN accelerator/lab up and running represent an obscenity when one considers how many persons in the world are without food, or the basic necessities of life.

Sure, wars are spending much more than what’s being thrown into the CERN basket, but wars are initiated by maniacs, not supposed intellectuals.


The psychiatric mechanism that explains this behavioral quirk is called an escape INTO to reality (not an escape FROM reality).

Persons, and in this instance, scientists of the highest caliber, who shirk the reality in which they find themselves – this Earthly vale – do so because they can’t cope with the horrific human condition that pervades and prevails here on Earth.


(The Mars-probers are equally disturbed.)

The CERN contingent propagandizes, as have scientists of every generation, that they are seeking the origin of the creation. That may be so, but what happen when they discover that origin, as if CERN will be the vehicle by which that happens?

Discovering the ultimate iota or iotae doesn’t do anything for the advancement of life here, or anywhere.


Yes, curiosity, scientific curiosity even, is the promulgator of CERN (and other diffuse explorations). And those involved are not committing moral or ethical crimes, unless one posits that there are sins of omission at work in the CERN objective.

Quantum physics shows us that reality is goofy. Deconstructing quantum particles may or may not make that reality less goofy.


But if CERN does get to the heart of reality, what do we have? A clue to the Creator? A pattern that explains nature once and for all? An abyss that tells us that we’re part of a random insanity from which there is no escape?

Yes, CERN is an obsession for some. For the rest of us, it’s a psychologically induced scientific boondoggle.

And for mankind? CERN is nothing more than a search for Waldo, without the charm of that pursuit.