Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jose Caravaca and the Betty Hill Star Map

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Jose Caravaca provided this newspaper image to us:


When I told him that we had an “hypothesis” about the Hill abduction online here (early on), at this blog and at our RRRGroup blog, he sought it out and found the map we contend was displayed at the government offices where Betty Hill worked, and which she incorporated into her “experience” as the alien “star map.”

This is the map:


It is a picture of World War II troop movement.

Coupled with the initial Hill recounting that the Hill’s “abductors” had the appearance of uniformed military, similar to that of the Nazi’s, with a facial feature that contained, in Betty’s first accounts, a Jewish stereotype – large Jimmy Durante-like noses, Jose Caravaca and I think that the Hill UFO episode, including the highly touted “star map,” needs a rehash.

Senor Caravaca worked on our WWII map, overlaying it with the drawing of Betty Hill’s star map.

Here are his (progressive) renderings:




With the Nazi association, the (maybe) Jewish stereotype, and the World War II map, one can make a (hypothetical) case, which we have already done, some time ago, that the Hill “abduction” is based on a traumatic event, perhaps a racially motivated attack – the Hill’s were a mixed-marriage couple (he, African-American, she white) as you know – and the event reconfigured by Betty Hill, mostly, deriving from internalized images she garnered from her science fiction interests.

Jose Caravaca believes that the Hill “abduction” is an example of his “Distortion Theory” which you can find at his blog – The Caravaca Files (

Here’s how he put to me, in an e-mail:

I understand that the Hills had "live" experiences induced by each other, reliving psychic material belonging to both.

I bet the Hills, one or both, saw a report on the 2nd World War in the days or weeks before their "encounter."

Reviewing the atrocities committed by Nazi medical teams in concentration camps, many for pregnancy -- there was an experiment similar to that described by Betty Hill -- I do think that the experience of the Hills may have been the result of an "hallucination."

Both experienced a phenomenon of distortion.

I think all cases, if analyzed in depth, contain details as we have found in most UFO experiences and are built on human psychic material.

For example, the case of Juan Gonzalez Santos, the witness seeing a television documentary on the Apollo XI mission a week before his UFO event. Hence, his experience has details of a space mission. It is all due to distortion.

At any rate, the Hills had a bizarre experience, certainly. I don’t think Betty Hill concocted and maintained a fabricated hoax.

But what she and Barney Hill was subjected to is (still) open to interpretation, regardless of the categorical imperative – an extraterrestrial encounter -- that persons such as Stan Friedman apply to the “event.”