Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Macro-Quantum/Moby Dick Factor


While quantum mechanics and the theories that pertain insist that, at the micro-level of reality, observations (measurements) of events alter those events, and the outcomes are uncertain (Wigner, Wheeler, and Heisenberg), the same holds true for the macro-world.

That is, if one observes (measures by experiment) something, anything in the overt world, everyday life or the Universe even, that something is altered by the observation (the measurement, the experiment).

Therefore, when cosmologists attack, by theory and/or observation, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, black holes, novae, and anything else in the Universe, the thing observed or theorized about is altered, in some way, by the theorizing or observation.


Thus, we contend, that if the Universe is, in its totality, the Ineffable God – the ultimate Singularity (despite the many disparate elements) – is observed/measured, it, the Universe or God, will be affected by that distinct conscious effort directed towards it.

This is why we’ve always maintained that Herman Melville’s monumental masterpiece Moby Dick is the greatest work of literature as it discloses the exact nature (essence) of God, the Universe in our reckoning.


Moby Dick is oblivious to mankind, cloistered, usually, in the depths of the immense voids of the seas.

However, when Moby Dick is sought out, as he is in the [theological] tome, by Ahab and his whalers, that seeking (observation, measurement) causes Moby Dick’s nature to come full force into the “upper world” where the Evil essence of the Great White Whale is made manifest. (See our previous post about Dark Matter/Energy and its Id-like construct.)

Melville isn’t alone in discerning the Evil nature of God (the Universe), but he is the only writer who makes the Evil palpable, and with a poetic metaphor that clarifies for some what we as human beings are dealing with existentially.

But what does this have to do with cosmology, or the pursuit of quantum and macro-realities?

Our continuing point is that scientists (physicists, cosmologists, astronomers, et al.) alter reality when they measure (observe) it, or even think about it, by using mathematics or other conscious hypotheses.

Measuring and mapping the background microwave radiation of the Universe, using the WMAP and Planck satellites, alters that radiation, so that its absolute essence is disturbed, at least to the mappers.


Just as space-time is relative, reality is relative, and quantum experimentation verifies that relativity.

So how can one know what the true essence of the Universe (or God) is?

At this point, no one can. The Universe is “ineffable” – incomprehensible for all practical purposes, as we keep noting.

Then what is the point, of scientific inquiry particularly? It satiates curiosity, but doesn’t produce much more.

Yet, in the absence of other serious mental gymnastics, scientific methodology isn’t so bad, but its lack of integration with non-scientific disciplines, such as mythology, theology, and aspects of mysticism makes it a poor step-sister to the pursuit of truth, the real reality, hinted at by Plato, and engaged in by such dignitaries as Meister Eckhart, Gurdjieff, Carl Jung, and even William James, among others.


As promised, that’s where we’ll be going next….