Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Homosexual gods?


We opine in The Biblical Paradigm for Homosexuality (online at http://wildesociety.homestead.com) that God (Yahweh in the Hebrew Bible and Old Testament) was homosexual and/or sexist; or at least His writers were.

The examples cited in our pamphlet can be supplemented by other occasions that show the inordinate “affection” that God showed toward Abraham and Moses (among others).


For instance, the homosexual jealousy of Yahweh is delineated specifically in Exodus 4:26 where Yahweh threatens to kill Moses (for reasons a bit obscure) but is thwarted by Moses’ wife, Sepphora who cut off a piece of her son’s foreskin and touched the feet of the Lord (an entity suffused with or obsessed by male genitalia as outlined in The Biblical Paradigm…).

Morton Smith discovered an unexpurgated version of the Gospel of Mark, wherein Jesus has a homosexual relationship of a significant kind with a young man as part of a secret initiation of some kind.


In his book, The Secret Gospel [of Mark], Smith presents the passages that were culled from the canonical Mark, but some have suggested that Smith, an eminent scholar, created the passages.

Whether or not that is true (and we very seriously doubt it), a passage still intact in the canonical Mark seem to confirm the idea that Jesus was enamored of a young man (Lazarus or the beloved John) who had amorous inclinations toward Jesus:

“…a certain youth followed Him, wearing a linen cloth on his bare body and when they seized him, he left the linen cloth behind and fled from them, naked. [Mark 14:51]

Why was the young man naked? Morton Smith’s “secret” Gospel of Mark presents the hypothesis of secret rites and arcane mysticism that the Gnostics attributed to Jesus and His followers, and those secret rites included a sexual initiation it seems.


The underlying homosexuality of all mythologies and religions is palpable, going back to primitive religious rites where the Phallus was prominent.


That Jesus may have been homosexual, and God (Yahweh) was also, indicates that something was and is amiss in the theological morality espoused by the Church and entrenched by Luther and those who followed in his rebellious wake.


Thus homosexuality became anathema at the public, overt level of theological consciousness because of Protestant pronouncements, but its subliminal acceptance and ritualistic display over the millennia, while perverting the natural law (sexual intercourse for the procreation of the human species), seems to be inculcated in the genetic make-up of human kind and appears to be important to the cultural advancement of civilization, which we’ll deal with in the ensuing posts here…..