Sunday, October 30, 2011

1924 Telegram requests help for extraterrestrial signals from space

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Jose Caravaca, with Jesus Pertierra, have re-discovered a 1924 telegram, from the Navy [!] which requests astronomers’ help in locating signals from Mars.

Click HERE for a readable version of the telegram.

Noteworthy is the Naval interest. (We’ve always maintained that it’s the Navy, not the Air Force, where ufologists will find significant clues to the UFO mystery.)

Also note that the request is for any electrical anomalies.

Mars, in 1924, was considered by most scientists, to possibly harbor life. That suggestion is not unusual in the time-frame, but that it was the Navy asking for the help is something to take into account.

The Navy has had a long interest in the extraterrestrial, and it has never given up that interest to the U. S. Air Force.

Look for UFO materials from the Naval branch of the U,S. military. You may strike pay-dirt, as they say.