Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Casting pearls before....


We deal with and have dealt with some obtuse professional communities and oblique efforts over the years, including media, ufology, physics science, and theology.

Of these, only the theological community remains intact as a serious intellectual enterprise.

Media (national and local), which for us consists of news media mostly, is rife with hubris, self-aggrandizement, and narcissism of a manifest kind.

But then so does the community of physical science, where theoretical physicists have co-opted the realm of Newtonian and quantum physics, replacing rumination in those arenas with self-serving, self-promoting agendas.

As for UFOs and ufology, the conundrum and its cohorts fill the valley of thought with vile, despicable actions, confused by inebriated hoaxers and ignorance so profound that the gods certainly must be flummoxed by what they wrought when they created man.

In news media, television personalities exist, not to pursue journalistic truths, but rather to enhance one’s image, salary, and self-glorification.

But even newspaper journalists are not exempt from feathering their own personal nests, even working harder to do so since newspaper staffers have been and are considered much lower on the professional scale than their TV counterparts.

Newspaper personnel have always thought they had a handle on truths and information which no one else had access to.

TV upset that applecart long ago, and blogs are putting the final nails in the print medium coffin.

Our contact with news media for many years now has determined, for us, that those in the profession of journalism are, generally, short on intellectual acumen and
aesthetic nuance of any kind. (News people haven’t a clue about the glories within liberal arts, and this includes those who write or report on the arts for their papers.)

In critiquing media, we (and others) have had to dumb down our broadsides so that those receiving them could understand the volleys for what they are and were: attacks on the superficial and banal reportage that passes for journalism nowadays.

News media, like politics (which media worships like no other human activity), is fetid, which even the rabble that media serves (and exploits) smells.

That’s why newspaper circulation is in a steep decline and television newscasts are slugging it out to maintain viewers for their devolving influence.

While ambling around the so-called UFO community the past few years, we notice that the mystery has accumulated a raft of reprobates and scoundrels like no other arcane enterprise we’re familiar with.

(Politics is scummier but that all-consuming human endeavor is hardly arcane.)

Unidentified flying objects present an interesting, even intriguing, phenomenon.

But those involved with the phenomenon – and we cite virtually everyone involved – are clinically demented, as anyone can see for themselves by visiting web-sites, blogs, and interactive forums about the elusive things once ubiquitously known as flying saucers.

There is a meanness and psychotic etiology that should be pursued by psychiatry and/or sociologists if they want to discover the collective insanity of a large segment of human society.

The value of “ufology” and its minions, is not the evanescent “objects” and mysterious lights that persons are hallucinating about, but the malevolent thought processes of those who’ve entered the UFO realm for purposes other than a denouement of the evasive phenomenon.

Sixty concentrated years of flying disks and unidentified flying somethings-or-other have produced nothing but a surfeit of ignoramuses who feed off each other and a very limited, dull-witted segment of society.

But in science, the matter of intelligence is no better than that in ufology.

Theoretical physicists deign to pronounce on the reality, or lack thereof, of God or the gods, which is not the province if science, but of faith, and faith alone.

God can’t be addressed by science.

Even science can’t be addressed by science.

Science, ever since the actualization of quantum reality, has to step aside for the panoply of existence(s) which lie outside man’s ability to fathom.

Science can’t crack the riddle of life, or the mystery that is the Universe.

To try is to evoke the hubris of the doomed Greek heroes who meddled in “divine” machinations to their magnificent detriment.

Mankind can’t decipher the ultimate reality, whether it’s a God or a supreme natural law.

The vastness of the ultimate reality is overwhelmingly beyond man’s capacity to understand it, and those in science who think they can unravel that reality are more insane than the ufologists they demean.

Media, ufology, and science are follies engaged in by madmen, some with egotistical purposes, others with a serious chink in their mental capacities.

And for us (and others) to comment on such follies is almost as psychologically unsound as the bizarre enterprises themselves.

So, perhaps, its time to move on to more productive ventures…..such as theology or stamp collecting.


TucsonBound said...

No way. Don't move on. Your comments concerning media, politics, physical science, and the study of anomalous phenomena are well regarded and thought-provoking, as compared to most of the anti-intellectual dreck out there.

RRRGroup said...

Thanks, awfully much, TB...

We won't be leaving but we will have some other views here about art, literature, and music that might astound...well, not astound perhaps but intrigue, we hope.