Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What UFO species should we be studying?

We have a slight dilemma here, and it’s this…

Some of our rabid visitors wish to pursue, forever, the Roswell incident. (We don’t.)


Some like Alien Abduction stories. (We don’t.)


Some like archived anomalies seen in the sky. (We don’t.)


UFO lights in the night sky or shiny UFOs in the daytime sky have fans.


Encounters with strange beings or weird aircraft are popular fare for some.


Some believe that UFOs are a psychological operation (or psy-op) of governments and/or military constructs.


And then there are those who think the whole UFO phenomenon (or phenomena) is a neurological or psychological aberration, reconstructed from mass media imagery.


Thus we have a fragmented topic that needs, we keep writing, specialization or a division stratification not unlike that in biological classifications: phylum (or phyla), genus, species, et cetera.

We’d be interested to know what UFO category is your favorite, or the one that you think needs the most attention.