Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poeta Doctus

Bryan Sentes is an instructor of things creative, poetry among them.

He also has an interest in flying saucers and the Air Ship mystery of the 1890s.

Here is his curriculum vita:

TESL teacher; creative writing instructor, Concordia University: now, literature and composition teacher, English dept., Dawson College, Montreal; chapbooks: Budapest Suites (1994), Gloze (1995), On the Phantom Air Ship Mystery (1995), Seventh Column (2001), X Ore Assays (2001), Luffere & Ōđere (2003), For a Few Golden Ears (2004), A Crow’n’ o’ Sough Noughts (2004), The Hunger of the Starlings (with artist Juan L. Gomez-Perales), Tanchaz (2005), Symposia Scholia (2006), Melathalassemia (2009), In Canis Major (2009); trade eds.: Grand Gnostic Central (DC: 1998) and Ladonian Magnitudes (DC: 2006). Readings at various venues, Spoken Word, Experimental, and Institutional, in Canada, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, & United States, performing with Piedro Pietri, Jerome Rothenberg, Raoul Schrott, and Yoko Tawada,among others; & reviewer, translator, scholar (sociology of religion, mythology, & popular culture), radio interviewer (e.g., William Gibson, Douglas Featherling, Martin Amis).

Click here for access to his brilliant, erudite blog, Poeta Doctus