Tuesday, August 05, 2008

God's Sustenance


God may be dead or dying, and the reason lies in the dearth of souls that feeds Him.

Since the appearance of the Deity on Earth, as Yahweh in the Hebrew Bible and Allah in the Koran, along with His various permutations in the Vedic, Egyptian, and Norse texts (and others), it seems clear that God (or the gods, if you will) needs sustenance of some kind, often confusingly said to be, by believers, a response, moral in nature, to Him, in the form of worship and obeisance.


But the sustenance that God needs isn’t just spiritual but material also, and it consists of human lives, and the souls that are intertwined with those lives, or bodies.

God is vampiric in a sense. He (or It) feeds off humankind, draining away lives and ultimately the souls that animate those lives.


But it’s not just all humankind, but particularly those human lives that pay heed to the godhead; that is, humans who pay attention to God are preferred, and taken en masse by God to keep Him alive.

Evil-doers are not feasted upon by God but thrown in the scrap heap that theologians call Hell or Sheol (or Nirvana).


Those who are called the Faithful or Believers are gobbled up, often before their Earthly time is up and they are grist for God’s appetite, which is tangible, not immaterial.

The Jews, God’s Chosen, have always been grist for His appetite, and He brought many, over the millennia and especially during the Holocaust, to His table to feast upon.

Even now, Allah’s menu is filled with Muslim faithful, and He is devouring them as fast as He can.

This is not just a sadistic enterprise, although it surely seems so.

It is a need, a need of God that keeps Him alive.

But with a dwindling supply of believers, God is and has been malnourished, even dead perhaps, as we (and Nietzsche) believe.


While Communion is the rite of humans eating the body and blood of Christ, a reciprocal activity is taking place at the same time: God eating the body and blood of humans.

And it’s those faithful who get cancers, heart disease, or have accidents that take them to God well before nature intends.

Death is God’s mechanism for feeding Himself, and if He is dead, His process lives on, in perpetuo, with no way to stop it.

This is the meaning of life: Humans were created as a food source – intangibly and materially for God.


We have been and are being farmed.

Nota Bene:

There is an exception to God’s modus, and it’s this….

God adores creativity, even while being jealous of it.

Artists, composers, writers who favor and extol God get long-lives, while those who are agnostic or atheistic are given short shrift, even Earthly pain and suffering.

Michelangelo, DaVinci, Liszt, Tolstoy, Messiaen got long-lives.

Marlowe, Shelley, Schubert, Chopin, Seurat, were cut short.

(There are many more examples, of course.)

Artists, in the broad sense, are treated differently from the rest of humankind, and we’ll deal with that upcoming.


Andrew J.S. Hefley said...

First, My name is Andrew Joseph Steiner Hefley. I live in Arkansas. I was born in Riverside, California. I would like to say, yes, I am a Christian. I follow Jesus Christ. He did live and there is proof to show it. He was crucified and rose again. There is proof to that to. God is alive. Jesus is alive. The Holy Ghost is still here and kicking. When i look at your "blogs" all I actually see you doing is trying to disprove, pervert, and pull people away from thinking there is a God. Then when I continue to read, you start to say he is alive and he is evil. That he murders humans and "EATS" THEM!!! Sorry for being a little rude, but that is totally irrelevant. Have you even read the Bible. My guess is that if you have, you clearly was only trying to disprove it and had a defense. You might have been a Christian and something happened in your life and you now blame it, either consiously or nonconsiously. Please, try to get your FACTS right. God, does NOT play games. He does want you to willingly come to him to show him you love him. Like a parent having there child say I love you doesnt mean much, when the child comes up to the parent and WILLINGLY says I love you it means something. Satan is the true cause of evil and DISCEPTION. God loves all human kind. He does NOT want to eat us...Besides if that were true (which it is NOT) He would not live long, for he says all live on earth WILL be destroyed. "but wait, doesn't he(GOD) say that he(God) will creat a new heaven and earth, so that all of his(GODs) Sons'(Jesus) followers will be there for a "lifetime" no, ETERNITY. Why would God "eat" people to stay alive(one that would not be much of a "god" if he/she had to "EAT" to stay alive. Back to the point, ETERNITY, Why would God let his "food" individually live for eternity if he(God) wanted to "eat" them. Listen, sir, please contact me at; andrew_h09_4jesus@hotmail.com. I would very much like to discuss and maybe even just talk to you about this subject. I have more to say on this but sadly I am out of time. I have some things I have to take care of right now. Please, I would very much like it if you would try to contact me. Thank you. -Andrew J.S. Hefley

RRRGroup said...


God's appetite is metaphorical.

The three faces of God -- Father, Son, Holy Ghost -- is supplemented by a fourth face -- Satan or Evil, as stipulated by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and told, in fiction, by Herman Melville (Moby Dick).

The Gnostics understood the Evil nature of God, as did Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas also (grudgingly).

Yes, Christ can save you, but He seems to be missing in action, just as it appears that God is dead, and has been for some time now.