Wednesday, April 30, 2008

God’s not quite immortal remains


As the writer using Shakespeare’s name has it in Hamlet, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy,” there is, indeed, more things, and here’s one of them:

Following Teilhard de Chardin’s thesis that reality (the Universe) is the mystical but physical body of Christ (and therefore God), we conclude that Dark Energy is the remnant of God’s demise, the decaying elements of God’s “body” and Dark Matter the remnants of Jesus/Christ’s “body.”


The total corruption of God’s and Christ’s remains will take millennia as physicists conjecture when they theorize about the end of the Universe.

But Dark Energy and Dark Matter “prove” for pantheistic agnostics the death of God (and Christ thereby too).

When the demi-urge (demiurgos), acting as creative agent for the Ineffable, produced the Earth and the creatures on it, there wasn’t an evolutionary plan that incorporated human beings. (The demi-urge may be equated with the Evil face of God as enumerated in Jung’s concept of the Quaternity.)


The great lizard/birds, dinosaurs, ruled the Earth for millions of years until a natural or purposeful catastrophe occurred and mammalia arose, culminating in apes and then man.

The short period of man’s (accidental?) transcendence was beset by the early demise of the demi-urge (as noted in our previous post) and is now threatened by the death of the Ineffable God (and Christ), evidenced by the discovery of God’s (and Christ’s) remains:
Dark Energy (and Dark Matter).


If there was (or is) a purpose for life, that purpose is meaningless now, and theologians and physicists move into an abstract forensic that is academic, and nothing more.

Atheists may find this satisfying in some way, while believers shall scoff, but we accept our “God is really dead” hypothesis as actual and nihilistically complete…

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