Monday, April 28, 2008

God is dead, Jesus too…

…and the Holy Spirit may be in a coma.

When did God die, and we don’t mean in the Nietzschean metaphorical sense?


God’s demise seems to have occurred shortly after Jesus/Christ’s crucifixion.

If God sacrificed himself, in the form of Jesus, to expiate His sins against mankind, as Carl Jung postulates in his "Answer to Job,” He did not recover from the experience on the Cross, even though it appears that the second nature of God, Jesus, did survive the ordeal, for a time anyway.

But Jesus seems not to have lasted much beyond the crucifixion Himself.

(We discount Saul of Tarsus’ “epiphany” where he thought Christ spoke to him when he was on the road to Damascus; that was an hysterical, psychotic reaction that Saul – St. Paul – suffered because he was actively persecuting Jews who were Christians.)


The third “person” of the Trinity, The Holy Spirit, manifested itself, overtly, for the last time in 312 A.D. when Roman Emperor Constantine had a vision of the Cross before a battle.


After 312 no element of the Godhead has been evidenced objectively. Subjective awareness of God, and Jesus, as persons’ personal savior, have been rife throughout the time period following the Roman persecutions of Christians, and continue to this day.

But nothing concrete related to the Divinity has been palpable since 312 of the Common Era.

(The appearances of Mary, the mother of Jesus, throughout history, even into our modern era – although such visitations have been rare of late – might be attributable to another phenomenon. But even if they represent or represented real Marian appearances, that doesn’t remove the perception(s) that God and Jesus are not longer “alive.”)

What is the evidence for God’s death?

The Holocaust comes to mind. And previously the Black Plague, and other natural calamities, but mostly man’s inhumanity to man, with no intervention by God, Jesus, of The Holy Spirit, not even symbolically or subliminally.


Richard Elliott Friedman suggests in his book “The Hidden Face of God” that God has merely removed Himself from interaction with mankind.

No, God is dead. It’s as simple as that.

Creation, put in motion by God, moves along under its original momentum, and can continue for some time period, but existence is winding down, and there is no ineffable being to halt the eventual terminus.

God is dead.

And we’ll take this forward, upcoming, as to how that death affects all the aspects of humanity…


Epinoia said...

It seems rather odd to even suggest that there ever was a God to begin with. Why suppose that S/He/It is now dead or such, when it makes far more sense to suggest that S/He/It never existed in the first place.

RRRGroup said...


For those who are atheists, God is dead from the outset, as a topic for discussion and concept.

So our posting is figurative for them.


Epinoia said...

Perhaps -- or perhaps our use of the term "God" isn't the same from person to person.

I happen to like the term "ignosticism", coined by Rabbi Sherwin Wine.

RRRGroup said...


God is just a shortcut word for an ineffable concept.


Epinoia said...

But not so 'ineffable' that you can't post that God is dead? lol

RRRGroup said...

Ineffable for everyone but us...