Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Three Universes: A Freudian Interpretation


If the Universe is God (in a symbolic but real sense), as Teilhard, Lecomte du Nouy, and others intuit, then perhaps it is constructed along the lines that Freud postulated for the human psyche: Superego, Ego, and Id.

The Ego would be the Universe as we experience it. The Superego would be the (truly) hidden, ruling aspect of the Universe. And the Id would represent Dark Matter or Dark Energy.

Before you readers discount this “hypothesis” as farfetchery, you might consider that the mystery of the Universe remains unfathomable but hinted at in the collective memory (or collective unconscious as Jung would have it) of humankind.

And the hint or hints are just as reasonable as the mathematical posturings of physicists and cosmologists.

Spengler’s Decline of the West caters to the idea that societies, more pertinently, countries, are actual biological entities – suffering the very same vicissitudes as the human body: illness, disease, growth, happiness, decline, et cetera.

In a more sedate rendering Tielhard de Chardin and du Nouy, both, present the Universe (God?) as a living, quasi-biological being, affected by what human beings do and think.

Chardin’s theology, made heretical by the Church but accepted by it in part, indicates that a human sin causes discomfiture in the mystical body of Christ – God, the Universe. [The Divine Milieu].

If the Universe is alive, and even many physicists (Wolf, Penrose, Bohm, Gribbin, Dyson) accept the possibility that the Universe is a living entity; some even pressing the idea that the Universe is conscious, then it seems reasonable to provide the mantle “God” to designate what that consciousness may mean to humankind.

To extrapolate the Freudian slant, we might allow for Evil (Dark Energy/Matter, even Black Holes) to be a major element in the psyche of this visible Universe, the Ego Universe.

The Id Universe is that part of the “unconscious” which allows for novae, and other cosmological catastrophes which have no meaning or rational reason for their being or occurrence.

But what about the Superego Universe – that part of the Universe psyche which impacts human life or quantum consciousness (to differentiate it from the macrocosmic consciousness of the Universe itself)?

This is where science can’t or hasn’t been able to intrude, and mysticism must reign, as with Bucke’s presentation of Cosmic Consciousness.

Science can deal with the Ego Universe, the overt, conscious mind of “God” and the Id Universe, the uncontrollable, violent manifestations of the visible and invisible Universe.

But the higher psychical structure of the Universe, the Superego? That can’t be approached, let alone attained, with the tools of science as they’ve evolved, many scientists eschewing Newton’s thinking along the lines offered here, and losing contact with the covert reality of the Universe.

Even Freud, by discounting a living, breathing God (Universe), was thwarted by his atheistic intransigence, while Jung pursued the Newtonian ideal, which even eluded his great mind.

However, we contend that the layering of the psychical artifacts of Freud upon the Universe, as it is conceived nowadays, might take us forward to a new understanding, so long as we incorporate the “unscientific” but insights the ancient mystics.

Yes, this is anathema to many in the scientific community, but could it provide any less understanding than the obscure theorizing extant? We don’t think so.

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