Friday, April 27, 2007

Cosmology, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and a Resolution of the Fermi-Hart Paradox


Click here to read Paul S. Wesson’s 1989 paper about the cosmological constraints on receiving signals from extraterrestrial civilizations.

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Rich said...

I am of the opinion that if we are indeed dealing with some other advanced intelligence it is unlikely "they" would just happen to find us. Pure speculation (again if "they" exist) but I think "they" know us and are at least partly to do with why we are here...this is why, if "they" are here, they wouldn't need to find us. Side thought: Why would the "lowest" and "highest" life forms need to "replicate" and continue? What drives "life" to continue and why? Individuals, at least as far as we know, cannot continue...they die. So why, does life, especially us, strive to continue?