Sunday, February 24, 2013

The CIA’s UFO Events

In The Lawless State: The Crimes of the U.S. Intelligence Agencies by Morton Halperin, Jerry Berman, Robert Borosage, and Christine Marwick [Penguin Books, NY 1976] on page 51, the heading is Drug Testing and Behavior Modification, the authors recount how “the CIA began to develop a defensive program of drug testing in the late 1940s and early 1950s, which turned into behavior modification experiments on unsuspecting individuals.”

Nick Redfern has researched this activity in books (The NASA Conspiracies. The Pyramids and the Pentagon, Final Events, Contactees, Men in Black) and online (The Mysterious Universe., et cetera).

There is a plethora of information one can find by Google searches.

I’ve provided the testimony of CIA operative Bosco Nedelcovic who recounted the details of such experimentation which is the 1957 Villas Boas incident in Brazil.

And one might assume that the Betty and Barney Hill “abduction” was a military/CIA operation, as was the Pascagoula case.

The Scoriton Affair in England was, I’ve conjectured, a CIA/military invention, and I think Mr. Redfern believes that Rendlesham was also.

There are other UFO incidents that smack of contrivance or military/CIA interference: The Cash-Landrum case, the Falcon Lake episode, the Phoenix lights scenario, the 1958 Loch Raven Dam sighting/encounter, et cetera.

Nick Redfern suggests that some contactee tales were inspired by military of CIA machinations.

The Pentacle memo, referenced here the other day, inspired Jacques Vallee to extrapolate the kinds of behavior modification that The Lawless State book recounts.

That there have been bona fide and real UFO/flying saucer encounters and sightings since ancient times and well into the 1940s/50s up to the present time is without question.

It then becomes incumbent upon UFO buffs to discern which UFO report is meaningful as a profound result of a weird phenomenon and which is, possibly, a staged event that is grist for those who are more concerned about covert government activities than those who are enchanted by UFOs.

What we know, pretty much: Kenneth Arnold saw something strange near Mount Rainier in 1947, something odd (sociologically or militaristically) happened near Roswell in 1947, something(s) odd flew over Washington D.C in 1952, military installations have been subject to UFO or contrived CIA probing (events that need clarification), weird encounters (hallucinatory events) have been rife in Europe, South America, and many U.S. venues, and sub rosa groups inside government supported laboratories (Battelle, Sandia, et al.) and agencies (NSA, CIA, Army Intelligence, NASA, et cetera) or universities (MIT, the Naval Academy, Stanford, et al.) exist and have studied or are studying the UFO phenomenon.

We also know or think we know that some UFO photographs thought to be authentic are hoaxes: the Trent Photos, The Rhodes photo, the Heflin photos, and the ballyhooed Wanaque beam photo.

The UFO topic is a carnival or potpourri of sightings and events that are egregiously difficult to decipher, and deciphering has been left to ignorant or inept UFO aficionados who expend what little moronic intelligence they have trying to convince others that what they don’t know is the UFO truth.

The UFO truth is a deeply embedded truth, of something mentally devious or something endemic to the human condition and history that, like the existence of God, is not meant to be solved but is meant to irk the few humans who find the phenomenon to be worthy of time and effort.

UFOs are a curiosity, nothing more, in practical terms.

Pursuing the meaning or explanation of UFOs should not be encased in behavior that is serious or life-altering.

UFOs are only worthy of a hobby status, and not a hobby status that increases one’s status in life.

It’s a foolishness that invites derision from normal individuals and those connected to the UFO subject should take into account that spending time or money on UFOs is a pathology that would better be shunned, if only to maintain a semblance of sanity I na world that is intrinsically insane.



purrlgurrl said...

“. . . military installations have been subject to UFO or contrived CIA probing (events that need clarification) . . . “, in particular nuclear bases (e.g., Minot AFB, Rendlesham).

Many of these cases carry the strong aroma of psyops testing of base security and personnel response to an unknown threat.

There are some in Ufology who insist that this probing of nuclear bases is proof of ET interest in our weaponry. That’s an empty assertion with no evidence to support it. Instead, the far more likely scenario is that the military/intelligence community is routinely testing security and personnel at these bases.

ADAM LDR said...

1) what is your affiliation with wikileaks?

2) i am well aware of the idiotic characters that represent ufology, but if you TRULY are a group that follows rational thought processes, you will realize that there can only be one explanation IF they are here on earth and acting covertly. We are the rats in the maze. it is simply to monitor the experiment and practice pest control if our breeding becomes too prolific. and who are we too judge.