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Maxtrix UFOs? A UFO Stasis? Or something else?

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The idea that UFOs are the products of an über-reality, not unlike that imagined in the Martrix franchise, cannot be dismissed out-of-hand, as far as some of us are concerned.

The idea of a separate, unique real reality, promulgated by Plato in his Cave analogy and others (philosophers, science fiction writers, physicists, film-makers, et cetera), becomes a viable thesis by virtue of its being thought by us, by humans.
You can pursue the concept yourselves by Googling transcendentalism and philosophical adjuncts, but most of you understand the idea and the Matrix films provide an easy introduction.

That we are being manipulated by a master game-player, that some of us think is God, is not hard to swallow, and allows for UFOs to be part of that game….the Game of God we’ve called it.

But if that is a bit too weird for the pragmatists among you, let me broach the UFO problem with this.

UFOs have been around, provably, since the dawn of thinking man.

The Aubeck/Vallee book, Wonders in the Sky, provides a litany of credible accounts that show the ubiquity of UFOs throughout history.
But the question to ask is why haven’t UFOs evolved in that long time period? (We’ve addressed this issue in an earlier post here.)

Pure UFOs remain pretty much as they have been witnessed over the millennia, despite the attempts to show them changing with the times, as the air-ship aficionados insist, writing that the air-ship (dirigible-like UFOs) were forerunners to the more stylized craft of the late 40s and 50s, right up to the present day.
But early UFO sightings and depictions of them are not different than today’s sightings and depictions, which means, as we see it, that UFOs are a static phenomenon, or many within the UFO genera are static.

That is, UFOs are an archetypal phenomenon – some of them anyway, maybe most of them.

The odd-UFOs are elements one can ascribe to mental aberrations (hysteria/hallucinations) or totally separate phenomena with attributes that mimic (not purposefully!) UFOs.

Jose Caravaca’s “Distortion Theory – delineated at his blog with us ( -- could be put in to the Maxtrix “explanation” as his external agent as the causa essentia is not different than the machine/God of the Maxtrix hypothesis.
Then we have the multiple universe concept where UFOs are insertions from another parallel universe or adjacent, unseen world that sometime intersects with our universe, our reality.
What doesn’t make this idea valid for me is the appearance of machines or craft as part of such hypothetical intrusions.

Why would machines need to traverse the division between us and the others? Why not just step through or come into this reality as one might go from a car or plane into another geographical venue? The craft seems superfluous.

But does the machinery (the UFO artifact) act as a protective device, more than a transporting device?
As for alien visitors from galaxies far, far away, we’ve always eschewed the idea.

For some, the Earth is a Garden of Eden, a wondrous, one-of-a-kind planet which attracts aliens from other worlds because of its beauty, its flora and fauna, its minerals, or its water.
But there are so many other more ravishing places in the known universe that to think Earth is a primary stop for interstellar travelers is the quintessential ego-oriented view projected outward to life-forms who surely have seen better.
The continuing problem when it comes to UFOs is that the sightings have been lumped into a generic category: UFOs. Whereas the things represent phenomena, as we keep writing.

There is not one UFO species, but many, some real some not.

Since ufologists are generalists, no science has developed to cope with the many forms or species that make up the whole UFO panoply.

And does it matter, really?

UFOs are like insects or butterflies – many kinds with many different attributes but ultimately not important to humanity or one’s personal existence

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Anonymous said...

After serious and long studied consideration into UFOs and the variety of types of crafts and beings reported over the centuries, I think there may be several explanations as to their static design nature.

Almost all the sightings seem to point to the ability of these craft to exit and enter our space almost instantaneously and in some examples morph into different shapes. I'm firmly convinced that the small UFOS that are seen may be advanced drones that the owners are using to investigate us. Having no organic occupants, they could perform the types of physical defying laws that are so often witnessed. The reason so many different types are seen could be due to the object's design changing depending on its mission or because it goes through shifting phases during its travel due to its reaction of its physics in our atmosphere and its propulsion system. They almost seem to be using some type of manipulation of microwave energy and the electromagnetic field. This would account for the sounds sometimes heard (humming, buzzing, whistling) and even the absence of sounds. It would explain why animals react to these events, such as dogs barking, or birds and insects suddenly becoming silent, as well as the interference with our electrical systems.

The larger craft that are witnessed - from the small aircraft sized UFO to the ones described as being the size of an aircraft carrier or larger, are probably the type used to carry organic beings and in cases such as the enormous craft, numbers and or varieties of probes and smaller craft (the "mother ship" theory).

If there are different alien cultures visiting us from different planets or parallel universes, it would explain why so many different shapes and types have been seen over the years. The use of the "mother ships" could be attributed to a simple matter of energy conservation and logistics. It would be easier for us to explore an undiscovered country using a combination of drones and multiple manned aircraft launched from an aircraft carrier than it would be to send out individual craft from a great distance. This would certainly makes sense depending on space/time warping and jumping between their worlds and ours. The need for such machines in our world would be obvious. It's probably physically impossible for any organic being to to this time/space jumping without having some type of physical craft to protect them, and in fact, the ET "greys" that are seen could in fact be some type of organic being specifically created to withstand the physics of this type of travel. In an even more bizarre scenario, they could be creations of our future descendents who have developed the capability of time/space travel.

The fact that the static designs of the craft seen over the centuries could be due to this time/space travel idea. If they were coming from one point in time and were visiting our present and past, we would witness the same types through the centuries. The fact that most seem to be of the classic saucer variety could have to do with simple physics that do not change in our universe and our atmosphere. It's probably the most ideal shape to use and cannot be improved on (like the wheel and the ball). As far as the more exotic shapes such as the triangles and other more angular types reported, these could be accounted for because they originate from a different culture.