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A Saucer Scoop?

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Joan and Ron Whritenour, of St. Petersburg, Florida, along with others, published Saucer Scoop (pictured above).

In this undated issue, from the 1960s, Volume 2, Number 5 [August], Denmark’s Willy Olsen offered a saucer sighting, in his area, by two young boys.


This is a saucer encounter with a few elements that intrigue. (No date for the encounter is given.)

A “flying saucer” was spotted by (the) two boys, flying low, over Sjellands Odde while “playing in front of a big stack of hay.”

As it was becoming dark, the boys started for home when one noticed a dark grey object in the sky.


The object was traveling slowly, and seemed about to land, as three legs “were lowered through the bottom.”


But when it got to about three feet from the ground, the legs re-entered the craft and “it speeded up.”

The object continued toward the sea, and when it got near the shore, it threw out what looked like “boxes.”

(There are current accounts of strange boxes being found on the coastal beach at Bray’s Point, Oregon.)

When the object was out to sea - over the ocean – it lowered a large hamp or box via a large cable as “big as an arm.”


Then eight little persons came out through a hole in the bottom of the craft and climbed down the cable.

The boys said the persons looked friendly and actually waved at them – remember the Papua, New Guinea sighting of Reverend Gill – and smiled.


They didn’t wave in the normal manner, the boys said, but held their palms vertically and made quick horizontal movements.

One of the eight little persons (about the size of the boys themselves) wore a blue suit and the others wore striped suits.

They all, except the person with the blue suit, had containers on their backs with tubes going to their mouths.

They also had on striped caps and they seemed to have “had lights on their shoulders” – lights that looked like electric torches with a “light in both ends of the torches.”

That’s the SS/Willy Olsen account.

A date, the age of the boys or any follow-up information would be nice to know.

But taking the sighting/encounter as true, which I do when it comes from children and contains such explicit, bizarre details – kids who are lying will not provide such imaginative detail, deriving their falsehood from mundane or prosaic aspects of their daily lives or information from media they have read or seen – one has corroborating information that the boys surely wouldn’t know: The three protruding legs from the saucer (Socorro, et cetera), the Gill aliens waving, the cable descent (from two Medieval accounts that are part of UFO lore) and, of course, the boxes found in Oregon in 2012.

The uniforms, caps, and containers on the backs of the little persons, with (breathing?) tubes going to their mouths indicate a real sighting/encounter, not encumbered by mental machinations or a Distortion patina (although I imagine Jose Caravaca could make the case).

It’s these kinds of UFO incidents that matter, like Socorro, the Utterson episode, and the 1954 Rosa Lotti-Danielli case.


The appurtenances are what defines the sighting or encounter, and would have defined UFOs, had researchers realized that it’s not the forest – the overall UFO event – but, rather, the trees – the uniforms, caps, and back containers, for instance – that, like Zamora’s insignia, would go a long was to explaining such encounters and ultimately the UFO phenomenon.

Lights in the sky and daylight sightings of metal-like craft don’t take us anywhere.


But encounters like that noted above can take us to an understanding of what UFOs are: mental aberrations, encounters with “externals” (extraterrestrial or otherwise), or something like Senor Caravaca’s distortion scenarios.

Yet, just as UFO researchers have eschewed, pretty much, the Zamora insignia, they have ignored details like those recounted above, concentrating on the patina of the vent – the ET overlay as it were.

That said, I’m of the mind that UFOs are insignificant quirks that belabor idle minds and are dismissed by normal people, who have to contend with the exigencies and vagaries of our lot in life.

But UFOs have been and are addictive for some (me included) even as they continue to prove meaningless in the great scheme of things….


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