Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Leon Davidson, the CIA, and UFOs

Leon Davidson was an avid “ufologist” – noted for his publication of the Flying Saucers: An Analysis of Project Blue Book, Special Report 14 pictured here:


Dr, Davidson and I communicated during the 1970s, and he provided his analysis of the Zamora/Socorro insignia; his analysis, unfortunately, irrelevant because it seems the Air Force had Lonnie Zamora fudge his observation (ostensibly to confuse hoaxers) and the symbol considered by Dr. Davidson, and others (including me and my gang) is nothing like the actual symbol that Zamora saw.

That aside, Dr. Davidson felt that the CIA was heavily involved with UFO sightings and peripheral elements.

He did an exegesis of the CIA’s involvement.

I’ve scanned his work for your perusal.

This is the cover:


To access readable content, click…




(Click on the image to enlarge it.)

I’ve appended Dr. Davidson’s work because of the mention in Goodavage’s Wanaque piece, below this posting, that a friend of his (Gordon Evans), who knew Allen Dulles, said that ex-CIA head Dulles confided in him that he (Dulles) had set up a CIA unit to deal with UFO matters, exactly what Dr. Davidson suggested in his evaluation and research.

Some find such a revelation intriguing, as do I…



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Here's a mostly unrelated bit of information, a letter by Dr. Davidson to Aviation Week concerning the Avro Saucer:

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