Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Immortality Conundrum


At death, theologians state that the soul of man transmutes to an immortal state of existence.

Humans, when they die, transform from matter to non-matter or spirit.

Science states that humans, when they die, cease to exist, eschewing the conservation of energy theorem that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, just transformed.


Religion touts the perpetuality of life after death.

But what happens when the Universe ceases to exist?

Do religion’s souls also cease to exist then?

Is there a pocket of the Universe or a dimension that doesn’t cease to exist and souls of the departed are shielded from a second death – non-existence?


The issue is unclear obviously.

The trauma of death must surely affect a living soul, if there is such a thing as life-after-death.


What happens to humans who lose the sense of taste for instance? Or the sexual pleasures that human bodies experience in mortal life but would certainly be lost when the body is shed?

What trauma would those who never read about or studied philosophy, death, or related matters experience when they moved from matter to non-matter?

Is the shock of the after-life a kind of Hell or Purgatory, as theologians have it?


Or does complete non-existence occur so that theological matters are moot, inane even?

Let’s assume that there is a life of some kind after death of the physical human form.

Then we are back to our question of what happens when the Universe itself no longer exists.

Or does the Universe or parallel universes become re-invigorated, as Hindu theology proclaims, and a rejuvenation from scratch, as it were, occurs?


Would not a collapse of the Universe (or universes) and a Big Bang Redux be profoundly traumatic, to anything that was sentient?

How would any soul – intellectual soul or vapid soul – handle anything as cataclysmic as a Universe collapse and rebirth?

The idea of an immortal soul, or transformed being (after death) is shackled by the reality of the physical Universe, itself changing, and dying, unless the Big Bang Theory is wrong, and Hoyle’s steady state theory is the reality after all.


But that for another time…


ninni said...

Who said )ok its in the bible) that sexual pleasures human bodies experience in mortal life but would certainly be lost when the body is shed?

Consciousness doesnt vanish the experience is so strong
What makes the universe movin will certainly know, interesting
I knew the problems are here because otherwise ti would bi borin

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