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UFOs, Christianity, and Quantum


What is the one element that UFOs, Christianity, and Quantum have in common?

That they are each, basically, inscrutable; they make no sense when reviewed in depth.

No one knows what UFOs are. Even though many have a mundane explanation, the fundamental phenomenon remains elusive and unknown, maybe even unknowable.

Christianity is mired in mystery. Did Jesus of Nazareth actually exist? Was He Christ? God? Are the Gospels fiction or fact?


Quantum mechanics is rife with riddles and weirdness. The physics of quantum is a hodgepodge of bizarre theory and mathematics that no one really understands, although some physicists pretend to.


(There are other mysteries – Bigfoot, the Loch Ness thing, what happened to Amelia Earhart, who really shot JFK – but those mysteries don’t have the complexity or raft of commentary and research that UFOs, Christianity, and Quantum have.)

What is the core reality of the UFO mystery? That is the question that most ufologists ignore, caught up in the peripheral aspects of sightings and UFO episodes.

In Christianity, the core questions revolve around Jesus/Christ. Was he God incarnate? Was there a Resurrection? And so on…


Christianity’s questions were raised right at the beginning of the Common Era, even before the pronouncements of St. Paul, circa 35 A.D.

Those questions remain intact today.

Quantum theory has settled on one question: What is the Higgs Boson – the so-called “God particle”?


Quantum Mechanics essentially began with Max Planck’s 1900 energy hypothesis. And one hundred and eight years later, quantum remains fundamentally unclear, despite some peripheral elements that have been “proven” by experimentation.


The UFO mystery essentially began to be seriously scrutinized after the Kenneth Arnold sighting in June 1947.

A little over sixty years later, the UFO enigma is still intact and primarily unknown.

Is there hope for a UFO denouement? Not if current investigators remain entrenched in internecine squabbles and febrile obsession with old UFO events such as the alleged Aurora, Texas crash of 1897, Roswell, the Hill case, the Phoenix lights, et cetera.


Just as Christianity will never settle on one truth, cannot settle on one truth and Quantum is dealing with aspects of physics that are submerged in a possibly unfathomable reality, UFOs are unlikely to be understood in the present time-frame, with the present contingent of ufologists who are immersed in decrepit research and faulty data.

Nonetheless, UFOs, like Christianity and Quantum, will continue to intrigue a small coterie of persons who are intrigued by mysteries no matter how remote they are for an explanation.


TucsonBound said...

I'd like to point out some missed opportunities. Your latest post says nothing new. It is just a general rehash of everything else the RRR group has written. It's not even an apology or exploration of why some choose to look for the truth behind subjective, metaphysical/paranormal experiences. (the Fox Mulder types). In terms of Christianity and contemporary quantum physics, you are correct, but you fail to make a real, legitimate connection between these two "legitimate" academic discourses and the growth of the study of the UFO phenomenon, which is considered illegitimate in most academic circles. Perhaps you'd be amazed/amused at the amount of theorizing about the nature of Christ that goes round and round, with no direction, at various times, at any given seminary or private, religiously-oriented university. Check in with any Religious Studies or Theology Dept anywhere in the USA. The same goes for physicists who concern themselves with arcane and unprovable theories of time, space, and existence--in some ways, their searches for truth are fundamentally related and connected to those in both the UFO community and the Religious community, with the major difference being that most UFO studies are for a popular audience; therefore, UFO-ology is not based in the scientific method or a set of philosophical premises based in ethical methods of reasoning (these methods are centuries old). If anything, most so-called UFO-ologists lack both method and logic--but since the phenomena itself is so widely characterized as absurd and corrupt in its manifestations, one has to wonder if it necessitates serious academic consideration at all (Even academics like David Jacobs often fall back into poor methodology and a rhetoric of fear to make points, and others such as Hopkins, aren't even trained scientists.) The fact is that even most scientists and theologians have no idea what current trends are in UFO research, mostly because of its public domain status, versus the two philosophical schools which are both WELL GROUNDED in terms of previous knowledge and discourse on subjects like "Quantum Fluxuations at the Nano Level" and the "Humanity of Christ." While there is scant and useful theorizing by some UFO-ologists (Vallee, Denzler, some of Mack's work) most of it is presented in forms that replicate entertainment, not science. Hence that fact that one has a hard time finding academics who take the metaphysical/paranormal seriously. But no one said science is blind or objective either. I suggest a good set of articles, AGAINST THE TIDE,
A Critical Review by Scientists of
How Physics and Astronomy Get Done,
Martín López Corredoira & Carlos Castro Perelman (Eds.) In this ivory tower, there just have not been enough people with power or ethos to solve the problem of integrating UFO-ology into mainstream science or philosophy or religious studies, or sociology, which are all top-down theocracies, as is most of academia. In other words, you might as well lecture on "who killed the electric car"--you'll be dealing with the same institutionalism and small-mindedness that calls for absolutely scientific explanations for everything. So what UFO-ologists are up against is very different from either what theologians or physicists grapple with. Seriously, you seem to want to conflate major academic discourses with a set of phenomena and experiences that, like the stars and like concepts of "god" have existed for some time, without a theoretical base of analysis that is preexisting and changable, based on research. Yes, UFO-ology is static, and not a science. But one wonders what would occur if institutions and individuals tried to break sightings, reports, etc, what ever they are, into discrete analytical packets to look at relationships very closely., through the lens of science. Trouble is, there is hardly anyone in science or philosophy ready or willing to do this work.

cire said...

Monday, 16 March 2009
Dear RRRGroup,

I am a mathematician. So Riemann three dimensional spatial sphere, Riemann four dimensional spatial hypersphere and n - dimensional Riemann spatial hypersphere. One dimensional Fourier series and n- dimensional Fourier series , Laplace transforms and Heaviside calculus.
Ricci Curbastro and Levi Civitas tensor calculus.
Einstein /Minkowski special relativity f( x,y,z,t)

Suppose I take the role of an atheist and submit to christians the following:

Since by a faith belief you believe in the resurrection of the body what kind of culture do you expect to enter on the dayof the resurrection with a fine substance body.?The universal constants are speculated to be different in parallel universes . So would not this allow one to live forever? On the day of resurrection do you expect an ass and cart technology or a
quantum computer one?

"Beam me up Scottie and reconstruct my soul via quantum entanglement"

I see a horse and that is my reality. However , that horse is a super super super n -dimensional (not Gauss /Riemann 2 dimensional flatworm) super horse reality in the mind of God and is the experience of God only. As such it is the perfect reality. Why worship anything less perfect like my horse. That would be heresy.
ref: "Anatomy of a Phenomenon "by Jacques Vallee where there is brief account of the Ezekiel UFO encounter; vision or reality is a matter of your personal opinion. Brief account in Anatomy of Fatima Portugal apparition in 1917.
Compare utubebroadcast yourself 3-D hologram of fashion model Kate Moss and compare with Fatima apparition and dancing sun phenomenon at Fatima 1917
Vallee is PhD in astrophysics and computer scientist. He is of French Lutheran /Catholic parentage.
I am Roman catholic

refer; (google) list of British, French, German and Italian mathematicians
"Fundamentals of Modern Physics" by Robert Martin Eisberg ( a non tensor approach)
containing chapters on relativistic mechanics, de Broglie wave mechanics , Schroedinger wave equation, group theory , Hamilton non commutative quaternion group, Hamiltonian mechanics Laplace transforms and Heavside calculus, Dirac quantum electrodynamics. Henri Poincare's Lorentz group etc.
I am divorced and all alone on my boat on my hypersurface and would appreciate company discussion.
Its just a thought ,the above , nothing profoundly philosophical about it.
Posted by cire at 12:53

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Judson Pewther said...

Here's a suggestion for a possible explanation of UFOs, by way of an anagram I found:

Lucifer and his army of angels
~ had alien flying saucer forms.

Anagrammers use the tilde (~) mark to indicate that the anagram continues the subject idea. Here's another anagram along the same lines, which is admittedly more contrived:

A flying saucer and aliens from hell =
O! Fallen angels! Lucifer and his army!

Of course, even if the anagrams are true, all it does is make one interesting connection in a great ocean of mystery. Why would Lucifer and his fallen angel followers pose as physical extraterrestrial visitors who came here in spaceships? One possible answer is that they are here to promote the idea that the universe is populated with many races with advanced science and technology, who go exploring the universe in starships, much like in Star Trek and other science fiction stories. Maybe they want to subtly instil the idea that mankind's future lies in this direction.

I.e., they are dangling a carrot in front of the donkey (us) to urge us onwards. But if so, why is so little UFO activity reported lately? Have they (Lucifer and his angels) largely given up on this strategy? Are they so confident that we are already headed in the desired direction, that there is no need to continue luring us onwards?