Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Insanity Gene


Lecomte du Nouy in his book “Human Destiny” hypothesizes that humans who will move evolution forward are mutants; that is, the mass of humanity is primitive (in many ways) and only those who are endowed with special sensitivities (talents, as it were) are capable of evolving the human species and civilization in a beneficial way, toward an Omega Point as Lecomte du Nouy has it.

(The Omega Point is also a feature of Teilhard de Chardin’s writings.)

The problem for humanity or the problem of humanity is that it is palpably obvious that the bulk of the human population is insane; that is, humanity, in general, is non compos mentis.

One doesn’t need detailed footnotes to show just how crazy humanity is and has been, since the Garden of Eden.

A cursory examination of history and media accounts of today provides ample incidents of insane behavior by man.

The pockets of humane actions by the du Nouy mutants do show up on occasion, but their existence does not offset the preponderance of mad activity that permeates human culture, and has always permeated human culture, even “civilization” itself.

The insanity is ingrained in humankind; it is, perhaps, the essence of humankind.

Since madness is an ephemeral thing, it can’t be found or investigated as genetic structures are able to be studied.

But it does leave tangible footprints, as Freud and others have outlined.

The insanity may be the “image of God” that was mankind’s creative template, and we’ll be presenting views about this probability...

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