Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Blogosphere as Quantum


Nothing resembles quantum artifacts so much as does the blogging universe.

Schrodinger’s “alive or dead cat” scenario, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, and Bohr’s Copenhagen Interpretation apply as much to blogging and the blogosphere as it does to “quantum reality.”




Let us explain….

A blog doesn’t really exist until it is measured (observed), but even then the measurement doesn’t guarantee that the blog is alive. It may be dead, depending upon the kind of measurement (observation) that it gets – the “approval factor.”


The proper measurement of a blog will keep it alive, in existence, for a period of time that varies with the momentum of the blog (where it’s going, its intent) or the exact location of the blog (its content within the blog universe).


If, for example, a blog is frivolous in a mundane or unfunny way, that content won’t be measured (or observed) meaningful enough to keep it in existence.


If the intention of the blog is unclear, any measurement (observation) will be transitory and the blog will atrophy before it obtains actual existence; the time period of its transitory existence will be, for all practical purposes, nil.

When a camera (still or video) is brought into a room of persons, the dynamics within the room change appreciably.


The camera as observer or measurer alters the events in the room just as a measurement of quanta (or observation of Schrodinger’s cat) alters the quanta (or keeps the cat alive or kills it).


Blogs are as ubiquitous as quantum artifacts, and most are just as invisible.

However, a blog with atomic consequence will interact with other blogs, locally, and in the blogosphere, non-locally, sometimes instantaneously, sometimes after an insignificant duration; but either way, a palpable blog will interact.


Blogs that are without measurable substance do not exist, not in real terms. They may come into being but are so inconsequential that one can say they do not exist and did not exist.


Thus, if one wants to have or produce a blog that has some kind of quantum shelf-life, they must make sure that the blog is measured (or observed) and that measurement (observation) continues, unabated.


This is tough. Quantum reality is short-lived. But in the context of a living blogosphere, one blog (or many) can survive if it (or they) have enough substance to produce a nuclear reaction; that is, such blogs will persist forever (in quantum terms) unless someone or something deactivates them.


Measurement (observation) of such blogs is secondary to their perpetuality. Atomic blogs cannot be destroyed by mere measurement. It takes a self-induced action to kill such blogs, or a massive influx of obtuse or negative observations from other blogs in the blogosphere to undo atomic blogs.


Nonetheless, blogs, and the blogosphere itself, are always subject to the vicissitudes of quantum measurement, uncertainty, and the Copenhagen Interpretation: the potentiality of life (or death).


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