Monday, May 21, 2007

Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Dark (Evil) Side of God


If Universe is God (pantheism), and if God contains, as Jung suggests, an evil or malevolent nature, then Dark Matter, Dark Energy, even Black Holes, are attributes of that malevolent aspect of God.

Michio Kaku approaches this in his book Parallel Worlds [Doubleday, NY, 2005] but Kaku doesn’t succumb to theological conjecture, merely outlining what some theologians and God-devotees believe.

However, the “fact” that physicists haven’t a clue as to what Dark Matter and Dark Energy are, as Kaku admits, indicates that the God-Enigma isn’t any stranger than the Dark Matter/Dark Energy enigmas, and each enigma is grist for evaluation, with the Dark enigmas getting attention from cosmologists and scientists only because they have tools and mechanisms (such as mathematics) to address the Dark enigmas but no tools or mechanisms to address the God-Enigma.

No reasonable person would tackle a seemingly insurmountable problem, such as that which posits an unfathomable supreme being who is hidden from view and ratiocination.

Whereas the nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy seems open to scrutiny, even though how that scrutiny is to be employed remains a mystery also.

Here are several papers [PDFs] about Dark Matter and Dark Energy, showing the perplexity (for physicists) of the mysterious entities – Click to read:

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Dark Energy: Mystery of the Millennium

Insights into Dark Energy: Interplay Between Theory and Observation

Towards a Natural Theory of Dark Energy…

Dark Energy and the Preposterous Universe

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A Phantom Menace?

Phantom Energy and Cosmic Doomsday

How do we connect Dark Matter and Dark Energy with the “hidden” and Evil side of the Godhead?

We’ll go into that, next……

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